What Planning permission is required?

When adding a small detached building, provided that there are no sleeping accommodations and that the floor area is less than 15 square metres, then building regulations normally aren’t a factor, however local regulations may apply depending on your area. Between 15 and 30 square metres of floor area and building regulations still don’t apply as long as there are no sleeping accommodations and it is constructed of substantially non-combustible materials or is at least one metre from any boundary. If required, we can provide free of charge scaled drawings to assist in the application process.

An average Carport we supply is 5M x 2.5M = 12.5 square metres so would not require planning permission and that goes for most domestic requirements. When providing a Quote we will always consider the location and possibility of planning permission using the defined regulations and consideration of the canopies purpose/use.
To learn more visit our Planning permission dedicated page.

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